In any business, what really matters is not what you do but how you do it. For us it’s about the what, the how and the why because we care about our customers and their needs. However, professionalism in delivering our services is always our first priority.  We offer both experience and know-how in pelletizing Coal Ash, Coal Fines, Coal Dust and Petcoke using our patent pending technology.

We Provide Products/Services That Reduces The Enivornmental Risk For Fossil Fuel Energy Producers. The Solution To Reducing These Risks Are A Chemical Solution. We Provide A Path Forward For Energy Companies To Be In Compliance With EPA CFR2015, "Which Mandates That Coal Ash Can No Longer Be Handle And Stored Wet".  We Provide A Dry Handling And Storage Product/Process For Coal Ash:

  • Renewable Solid Engineered Fuel in a form of a pellet, utilizing remediated nontoxic ash in its composition with high heating values
  • Solid Fuel Pellet, when burned along with coal, can extend the life of Coal Power Plants by reducing toxic air emissions and carbon dioxide emissions

  • Dry-handling Pelletizing Process For Coal Ash - Eliminates the need for coal ash ponds and provide above ground storage and dry handling of coal ash
  • Pellet Delivery System to deliver control amounts of nutrients for soil regeneration in the Agriculture Industry, utilizing remediated nontoxic ash in the composition of the Soil Ferterlizer Regenerative Product
  • Carbon Dioxide Biological Sequestration Process for flue gas emissions - reduces carbon footprint

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